The Demon Path to Hell

 The fires of lust blacken notches in his soul.

His life is lived forever on the prowl,
Driven by harsh demands of an unforgiving lord.
In the murky shadows of a foggy passageway, patiently he waits.
He has no pressing commitments to keep him from his vigil.
Cruel fate pulls her down the cobblestone path.
A beautiful angel of crystalline beauty,
Her heart shaped lips curled into a wistful smile.
She believes in her God, her Savior.
She trusts in the goodness of others.
Her tiny feet barely touch the ground as she quickly scampers by.
He steps from the shadows, out into her path.
"Oh" she says, "I'm sorry"
And shyly looks away, tiny, pearl fingertips to her lips.
"No, it is I who should be sorry.  Sorry you are not rushing to meet me."
He whispers with his demon eyes aglow.
Suddenly, the brilliant glow of a blinding light of faith
Cocoons her in a protective womb.
He turns away, cursing his bad luck.
For as much as he wants her,
As much as he desires
To wrap her lithesome innocence around his blackened soul,
He knows that she is what he could have had once upon a time

But that was before he chose his demon path to hell.