Reviews for The Devil's Lieutenant

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After reading and enjoying Albracht's Scorn Kills, I knew what was in store when I began reading this novel. I wasn't let down. In fact, after the first few pages I was convinced the author had taken this tale of horror to an even greater level. Like any good novel, horror or not, it's the well-written characters that drive the story. In this department, Albracht didn't skimp: Jake Holyfield and his pregnant wife, Caroline; his brother Bobby and friend Max - the good guys - pitted against evil in the form of Carl and Dimitry Ivanovich. Quite simply, the bad guys want the good guys on their team, by whatever means. And they do have interesting means. But this story is also about the frailty of the human condition. What moral price would someone pay for unlimited money, youth, or the woman of their dreams? This is a fast paced read, with unexpected twists and turns, leading to a well-done ending. I definitely want to read Albracht's next book.
Glen Barrera
 What a fantastic horror story! Ms. Albracht delves deep into the gritty underbelly of our world and the Devil himself has his hands all over it. When our guy Jake has to figure out what is with all these murders, everything he's believed gets thrown into a talespin.
What makes a story wonderful, especially in this genre is believability. When I finished the last page, my heart was racing. Everything that happened in The Devil's Lieutenant was that believable where it could happen in real life. And God be with us if it ever does.
Jeremy Croston   
The Devil has his sights set on conquering souls in and around the Washington D.C. area. But being the busy denizen that he was, he sent a henchman to do his bidding armed with a strange gel that wreaks havoc with one's body if sinister instructions are not followed to the letter. Enter a hapless D.C. cop with a drinking problem, an unfaithful wife and a brother easily seduced by money and power and you have mayhem, unexplained disappearances along with a host of unusually gruesome discoveries. Suzie Albracht's tale is original, imaginative and pulls no punches immersing the reader into the age old battle of good vs. evil with a totally unique spin on things as well as interesting and believable characters. This is one devilishly slick and twisted yarn!
Wolf Schimansky