Reviews for Scorn Kills

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Scorn Kills was a fast read (90 pages or so) that left you with little time to take a breath. And that’s a good thing given that it is a horror story. I found it Twilight Zone-esque with the unusual twists and turns and the way it gets into the head of the character that has these horrible things happening to him. The reader can decide if he deserved it or not. There are a few unanswered questions, which lends a nice transition, I’m sure, into the next book, the Devil’s Lieutenant. Nicely done.

Dave Adair
Scorn Kills is short, sweet, and chilling. Our guy Bill is a sex loving putz who ticked off the wrong father in law. He has plenty of chances to redeem himself but constantly does the wrong thing. Thrills, suspense, and intrigue follow from start to finish. Hang on, the ride is fast and ends before you know it!
Jeremy Croston
Scorn Kills is a wickedly devilish book that reads with the breeziness of a fiery furnace backdraft. It dramatically opens with a claustrophobic setting; a coffin relentlessly heading toward final conflagration, its living occupant desperate to plead his case. Horror it is not, but author Suzi Albracht's dark humor ensures that "Scorn Kills" is a far more satisfying read. Morality and fidelity are supposedly inscribed in blood, but for our main protagonist, his manly frailty is that well-treaded demon--the temptation of another woman. And for this transgression, alas, there would be no second chances. The first person telling of this breathless tale is delectable, as it is the sinner that narrates his own fate. What I especially enjoyed about Ms. Albracht's book is that she never burdened me, the reader, with tiresome sermons on the evils of infidelity; instead she expertly grabbed my attention with a vivid story, filled with flawed characters. For me, Scorn Kills is well worth the read!
Mark Fine